Campus assessments and audits

Throughout the past year the Office of Campus Sustainability has been working closely with Green Living Science to improve campus wide recycling. Assessments of various campus buildings have been conducted to recognize recycling, educational, and sustainability needs. During the assessments, we have increased the amount of signage, relocated/increased the number of recycle bins and have created recycling stations to make the process of separating recycling and trash easier. The ultimate goal is to increase campus participation in waste reduction and recycling practices on campus. This is being achieved by providing the necessary education, training and communication to all parties on campus.

We have been actively working to give students fundemental recycling resources and education through campaigning in the Student Center, offering programs through the Green Warriors, and increasing our signage across campus. By improving our processess of reporting and auditing of the university's recycling program, we have been able to increase awareness of the need to reduce both campus-wide and personal waste. Through this program and student involvement, we will be able to enhance campus recycling initives and make Wayne State University a more sustainable community.