Waste stations

Waste Stations are the new three-bin system with compost, recycle, and landfill options currently found in the WSU STEM Innovation Learning Center. This system is an exciting way to reduce unnecessary waste sent to landfills when it can instead be sustainably disposed of using a circular economic model. (Insert new paragraph after this)

These Waste Stations were included in the STEM building as an innovative way to accrue LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) accreditation, and upon the success of this pilot, will lead to an expansion of Waste Stations to buildings across campus! Beginning mid-September 2021, students, faculty, and staff in the STEM building have access to Waste Stations on every floor. All compost collected is regularly monitored and weighed by our Compost Warriors. Tune in to our Instagram or Facebook page (@warriorsustainability) to stay up to date on our waste diversion reports.

Clear and concise signage is available near each Waste Station to make it quick and easy to properly dispose of waste- see attached signage for the list of acceptable items for each of the three categories. Management of the compost collection is done by the Compost Warriors, and recycling waste is handled by WSU custodial services. All compostable items collected from the STEM building will be delivered to a local compost processor, and recyclables delivered to a local Materials Recovery Facility.

Waste Recovery Stations

The Office of Campus Sustainability launched its Waste Recovery Station in the spring of 2021. These stations pop-up in different locations throughout the greater Midtown area with the goal of making waste reduction practices easy and accessible to students, faculty, staff, and community members alike. Because of its interactive and hands-on nature, the pop-up allows for an engaging educational experience that looks into contamination, and how much it can affect both the recycling and composting processes. When participants drop-off their materials, one of our team members will weigh the recyclable and compostable materials and keep record of how much waste each participant has diverted from the landfill. The signage shown on this page includes what can and cannot be collected at our Waste Recovery Stations as well.

During the summer months, the pop-up ran every Wednesday at the Woodward and Warren Park. It is now popping up at all home WSU football tailgates and games! See below for information regarding dates and times you can drop off your waste