President's Standing Committee on Environmental Issues

The President's Standing Committee on Environmental Initiatives was established during the 2007- 2008 Academic year to serve as a sustainability consulting group for the president of Wayne State University. This group meets on the second Thursday of every month to discuss current and future projects they wish to see on campus. The central objectives of the committee are to:  

  • Integrate green practices into campus operations.
  • Increase knowledge and awareness of environmental stewardship within the University community.
  • Immerse sustainability concepts, values and innovations into academic courses offered and research conducted by the university.   

With members from many educational backgrounds and specialties, the President's Standing Committee on Environmental Initiatives draws many of its policies and planning from the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.This committee is a major driving force behind many of the sustainable initatives you can find on campus, and consistently collaborates throughout the year on new and exciting programs to be shared by all of the campus community.

The President's Standing Committee, as referred to in short, works to set Wayne State University apart from other universities by advancing its commitment to sustainability through the inclusion of students, faculty, staff, and community members. Creating policies and promoting projects that put sustainability at the forefront allows for both the university and the campus community to grow into an all-inclusive, environmentally-friendly, and equitable place.