The WSU President's Standing Committee on Environmental Initiatives is a leading driver of sustainable efforts across campus. The committee was charged with oversight, tracking, and reporting of the 2023-2028 Sustainability Strategic Plan with initiatives that were implemented with great success throughout its term. Although the Sustainability Strategic Plans are a large part of the work the committee undertakes, it also has many other smaller initiatives working on campus. 

Green Street

Wayne State's annual Green Street event is an annual program in celebration of October as Sustainability Month. This event was started in 2019 as a day full of guest speakers and sustainable activities, however over the years it has been transformed into a month-long celebration of events and topics. You can find more information on this year's Green Street event here,

Warrior Gardens

WSU student-led urban gardening initiatives are popping up all over Wayne State's campus! Stemming from partnerships with the Detroit Biodiversity Network (DBN), the Warrior Garden is a small urban garden that aims to provide fresh herbs, vegetables and plant-life to the campus community for free. The President's Committee has worked together with DBN in the planning and funding allocation of this Warrior Garden, as well as future urban garden initiatives in the future. DBN partners with student groups, the WSU geology department, and student organizations to teach about the importance of urban biodiversity. The Warrior Garden is currently situated between Gold n' Greens diner and the UGL on campus, with a few more initiatives hoping to be completed by fall 2021.

Living-Learning Communities

The President's Committee was a driving factor and support system in the creation of the first Sustainability Learning Community at Wayne State. In partnership with biology, geography, and geology classes throughout Wayne State, students have a unique opportunity to engage with sustainable extra curricular opportunities like field trips, lectures, and activities organized by both the President's Committee and the Office of Campus Sustainability. Learning Communities are a great way to further your education in sustainability- if you are interested in signing up for our either or Learning Community or Living-Learning Community in the Chatsworth residence hall, apply here on the website. 

Bird-Window Strikes

Urban campuses with extensive biodiversity can often be a perfect combination for bird-window strikes across campus windows. Wayne State University is dedicated to preserving the natural environment of our Detroit home by identifying areas on campus that often have bird strikes. Options for initiatives like window tinting or non-reflective window film are actively being explored across campus as a solution to combat bird-window strikes, and is headed by representative Michelle Serreyn from the President's Standing Committee.