Green Office Program

The Green Office Certification Guide is a tool for the campus community to make workspaces more environmentally-friendly and energy-conscious. Curated by the Office of Campus Sustainability, this guide is a tool for your office, department, or workspace to become more sustainable in areas such as energy use, office supply choice, waste reduction, alternative transportation, events, and engagement. This guide is formatted as a checklist with sustainable swaps and practices, along with necessary documents and signage your department can begin to implement with the help of our Green Warrior student ambassadors. This checklist-style format allows your department to gain points and be celebrated as a Certified Green Office in one of our four certification levels-

  • Bronze: 45-59 points
  • Silver: 60-69 points
  • Gold: 70-84 points
  • Platinum: 85 points or more

Through small efforts, like getting packages delivered in reusable totes, to larger efforts, like hosting "green events", Wayne State offices and departments can become more environmentally-friendly, and workplaces can get prizes and become recognized university-wide for their sustainable efforts! If you are interested in participating in the Green Office Program, please reach out to us by email ( 

Certification Process

Offices participating in the certification process earn points by completing specific sustainable actions in and around their office. The actions within the checklist are assigned point values based on their sustainable impact and the difficulty of which to implement. This guide covers a variety of sustainable categories, so there are many opportunities for your workplace to gain points in the different areas, regardless of size, capacity, or department. Participating offices will have guidance from the Office of Campus Sustainability in the certification process and may help along the way with questions or requests on sustainable efforts. By taking steps toward being green, your office will help in making Wayne State a leading example of sustainable practices.

Green Office Champions

A Green Office Champion is someone in your department or workspace with an exceptional passion for sustainability and who would like to represent their office's sustainable initiatives with the Office of Campus Sustainability. The role of the Green Office Champion is not designed to be a large responsibility or time commitment. Instead, they would be more of a reference for  a member from the Office of Campus Sustainability to reach out to on specific initiatives detailed in the certification guide, and extra guidance would be given to make their workspace as sustainable as possible. We understand that there may be limitations in your office that we may not be aware of- the help of a Green Office Champion in determining those problems and creatively working around them is a more effective and positive way to ensure lasting change is being made.

If you are interested in being a Green Office Champion for your office or would like to make your department a Green Office, please reach out to us by email,