Green Office

The Green Office Certification Guide is a tool for the campus community to make departments offices more sustainable. The guide provides a checklist with sustainable practices, along with necessary documents and signage. The green office program provides more sustainable alternatives for office supplies, cleaning products and much more. Through small efforts like getting our packages delivered in reusable totes to large ones like hosting green events we are ultimately able to participate in more environmentally friendly practices. The actions of each individual office guided by the checklist can make a positive impact on campus.

Certification process

Offices participating in the certification process earn points by completing specific sustainable actions. The actions within the checklist are assigned point values base on their difficulty to implement, as well as sustainable impact. The actions within the checklist cover a variety of sustainable categories, including purchasing, events, waste reduction & recycling, energy, transportation, etc. Participating offices will have guidance from the Office of campus Sustainability in the certification process. By taking steps toward being green, your office will help in making WSU a leading example of sustainable practices.