Wayne State University supports and pursues innovative ways to provide alternative transportation to the campus community. WSU is working to reduce the economic, environmental and public health impacts associated with vehicle traffic to and from campus through activism and education. These initiatives take the form of offering alternative transportation and mobility opportunities for the campus community whether student, staff or faculty. Promoting activities such as "Take your Bike to Work/Class Day" and working with the City of Detroit to implement bike lanes around Cass Avenue have been great ways to promote the use of alternative transportation. Similarly, offering different ways to travel such as ridesharing, bus/shuttle systems and EV charging stations have been useful in promoting different ways to travel.

Wayne State is also exploring opportunities to integrate the City of Detroit's anti-idling ordinance into its campus operations, commercial business, and support activities. The United States EPA estimates that excess idling is responsible for 11 million tons of carbon dioxide being unnecessarily emitted annually into our air. To combat this, Detroit mandated that commercial vehicles weighing over 8,500 lbs. are prohibited from idling more than 5 minutes across Detroit. We have been working with Wayne State police to enact this into their own routine checks of vehicular traffic.

In these ways, Wayne State is exploring sustainable ways to promote and provide alternative transportation and road safety/regulation across campus. Because our university has such a high population of students that commute to class, it is vital that we have alternate modes of transport readily accessible to all students regardless of distance from campus.