The Office of Campus Sustainability encourages and supports the WSU community to bike as a means of navigating around campus and the City of Detroit. For those looking to ride, there are a few recommendations for city biking that are important to remember wherever you find yourself. With close to one hundred designated bike racks across campus, preventative measures can be taken to protect your bike from theft. Register your bike at WSU Public Safety for free and consider the use of bike locks. Use caution when riding in the bike lanes or in the street, making sure to ride with the flow of traffic and with a helmet on. When biking on sidewalks, take notice of pedestrians and slow down when near them. For more information on urban cyclist tips, bikes on public transit, and maintaining bikes in the Detroit area, visit the WSU Transportation office's website. To view a full-sized rendering of the map on the right, visit this site. 

Rent a bike

Around the city of Detroit, Mogo, a public bike-sharing service, has 44 public-use bike stations that allow riders to pay on an hourly basis for use. A number of those stations are located on WSU's campus, and renting a bike from MoGo is quick and easy: You can purchase a pass online or at a MoGo station, pay and then remove a bike from the dock. While your pass is activated you can take as many rides as you want. When you are finished with your ride, dock your bike in one of the 44 stops located around the city. Wayne State students get ten dollars off the purchase of an annual pass.