Green Warriors

Three student interns in winter gear standing under a white canopy tent urging others to learn more about the Office of Campus SustainabilityThe Green Warriors program is an initiative of the Office of Campus Sustainability. This program will provide its student participants with the opportunity to become sustainability ambassadors for the Wayne State University campus. Working within their assigned tract, Green Warriors will engage the campus community and advocate for the Office of Campus Sustainability's initiatives. Ambassadors will be responsible for outreach and education for students, staff, and faculty on the topic of environmental responsibility and sustainability. The goals of the program are to increase student awareness and participation in sustainability around campus. Students in this position will have the opportunity to collaborate with each other on sustainable projects and initiatives, all while improving their environmental and sustainable literacy. 

Student ambassadors will have the opportunity to focus their work within several sustainable interest points which include: transportation, climate change, waste reduction, and food sustainability. Wayne State University is committed to creating a green and environmentally friendly campus. By creating the Green Warriors Program, it further embraces the university's goal of a sustainable campus and encourages environmental stewardship. Ambassadors will be trained to educate other students on sustainability issues through projects, workshops, and other engagement activities. Sustainability ambassadors will be crucial when it comes to campus education and assisting in a campus culture shift. 

Contact Camille Bedford ( if you are interested.