U.N. Sustainable Development Goals

The U.N. Sustainable Development Goals, launched in 2015, are comprised of 17 goals that emphasize climate action, innovation, sustainable consumption, the elimination of poverty, and the creation of peace and security. These goals serve as a roadmap for cities, organizations, businesses, and the like to take the first step on the road to sustainability.

Where do we fit in at Wayne State? We are far along the road. In almost every category that the UN put forth, Wayne State has taken some steps in the right direction to encourage sustainable growth within our community.  

No Poverty  

  • The Wayne State High Program is in place to help homeless, precariously housed, and financially challenged students to persist in their goal to earn a degree.  

 End Hunger  

  • The W food pantry offers food to students in need on campus. In its short history, it has impacted 893 students and has given 12808.93 pounds of food.  

 Good Health and Wellbeing  

  • Wellness Warriors is a program that offers educational and incentive programs to encourage Wayne State Warriors and community members to stay active and eat well to increase health and personal fulfillment.  

Quality Education  

  • WSU has received the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education's ranking as a doctorate-granting university with some of the highest research activity in the nation.  

Gender Equality  

  • The President's Commission on the Status of Women: Gender and Equity holds impactful, campus-wide initiatives to end discrimination against women.  

Clean Water and Sanitation  

  • Healthy Urban Waters is a collaboration of WSU researchers networked within the community to focus on water in an urban setting and future impacts of human culture on community, ecosystem, and economic health.  

Affordable and Clean Energy  

  • The Energy Curtailment Committee is exploring where energy conservation measures can be implemented to help reduce the university's energy consumption.  

Decent Work and Economic Growth  

  • WSU has also instituted comprehensive facilities intelligence solutions to consistently improve the workplace environment.  

Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure  

  •  Through our pursuits in sustainability, WSU is constantly looking for ways to improve and innovate in the ways that we do business, always identifying emission reduction opportunities and looking for areas to grow.  

Sustainable Cities and Communities  

  • WSU partners with community partners to make our city more sustainable. Through the Midtown Connection Shuttles, MOGO, and partnering with the  

  • Detroit Department of Transportation, we help increase sustainable mobility in our city.  

Responsible Consumption and Production  

  • WSU uses responsible purchasing and consumption practices by purchasing green where possible and using sustainable practices for office supply delivery.  

As a university, we are always looking at ways where we can become more sustainable in our practices and strive towards a better, and greener, future and through our partnerships with students, staff, faculty, and community partners, we can all work towards those common goals.