Wayne State University is dedicated to recycling and sustainable waste reduction practices on campus. Our recycling program is conducted through WSU's Custodial Services. WSU uses a single-stream recycling system, which streamlines the collection process on campus. As a consumer, all you have to do is throw your recyclables in the bin. For your convenience, recycling bins are strategically located around campus. Watch Bee Green and Recycling, created by Green Living Science, for more information about the single-stream recycling process.

Recyclables are picked up from WSU and taken to the recycling facility where they are sorted, sent to manufacturers, and made into new items. The recycling effort at WSU ensures items that enter the waste stream will eventually be used to make other products for sale and reduce the need to use additional natural resources.

Keep an eye out for our flyers and brochures and spread the word about recycling!  

Frequently asked questions:

Does WSU recycle?

Yes. We have a single-stream recycling system. Recyclables placed in the recycling bins around campus are taken to the recycling dumpsters with the yellow lids. The recycling dumpsters are emptied weekly by our recycling contractor and taken to a local recycling facility.

Why won't my recyclable item fit in the green metal recycling bin?

Lift the lid to the recycling bin and place your recyclable inside the receptacle. We use a single-stream system so all acceptable recyclables can be placed in the green bin.

When is the recycling bin serviced in my area?

The green metal recycling bins are emptied as needed. If necessary, ask your area's custodian to service a full recycling bin.

What if the green metal recycling bin in my area is not serviced?

Contact your area custodian to let them know your area is in need of service. If you continue to have issues with your service, please call 313-577-4315.

Can I get a second metal recycling bin in my area?

A green metal recycling bin can be requested by calling 313-577-4315.

Can I get a desk-side recycling can?

A desk-side recycling can be requested by calling 313-577-4315.

Note: Anyone with a desk-side recycling can is asked to empty the receptacle into the green recycling bin in your area.