Hydration stations

A central concept of campus sustainability is thinking about other aspects of waste reduction, such as reduction of consumption and reuse of items. These actions do not require a major change in lifestyle and there are simple steps that everyone can take in their day to day lives in order to support those efforts.

Americans use 2,500,000 plastic bottles every hour, most of which are thrown away. Refillable water bottles are a good way to keep plastics out of landfills. Wayne State installed Hydration Station Water Fountains all over campus reducing the usage of over 2.5 million disposable water bottles since the installation of the fountains. Below is a table of locations where these Hydration Station Water Fountains can be found around campus.

Building Floor Location
Student Center Basement 1 on north side
  First floor 1 on south side
  Second floor 1 in middle hallway
    1 on north side
  Third floor 1 in middle hallway
    1 on north side
General Lectures First floor 1 on south side
    1 on west side
State Hall First floor 1 in middle hallway
Mort Harris Recreation Center Basement 1 near locker rooms
  First floor 1 near weight room stairs
    1 between bathrooms
  Second floor 1 between bathrooms
Law Building First floor 1 on north side
Science Building First floor 1 between rooms 1027 and 1035
  Second floor 1 between elevator and staircase
Nursing Building Third floor 1 in west hallway
Education Building First floor 1 in north hallway
Community Arts Building First floor 1 in east hallway
    1 near bathrooms