Waste bin standardization

The university's recycling program is a single-stream program, meaning that all materials go together in your recycling bin. Green and yellow recycling bins can be found in all buildings around campus. In the process of promoting the university's single-stream program, recycling bins have been relabeled and new signage has been spread around campus.  

Single-stream recycling tips

  • Materials should be thrown loosely in the recycling bin – nothing should be placed in a bag. 

  • Make sure items are clean and dry.  

  • Recyclable bottles should be empty.  

  • Rinse food residue.  

  • Lids, tops and labels do not need to be removed.  

  • Do not put foods or garbage in your bin.  

  • Do not place yard waste in a recycling bin.  

  • Be sure plastics have a chasing arrow symbol.  

  • Break down boxes to save space in your bin.  

  • When in doubt, throw it out (in the garbage).