Join the Warrior Student Sustainability Coalition

Please join the Warrior Student Sustainability Coalition, at 3 pm, Thursday, September 13, in Room 009, of the Student Center.

What is the Warrior Student Sustainability Coalition?

The Warrior Student Sustainability Coalition (WSSC) is modeled after successful "green-team" programs from around the world that have been found to create lasting sustainable behavior change while developing student led programs that will advance environmental stewardship across the university. The key objectives leading to the organization's success are:

• student participation;

• student assistance with sustainable actions;

• students analyzing and promoting impact metrics;

• and, students working to advance green programs and activities.

WSSC will be led by the Office of Campus Sustainability. This guide is tailored to assist university green teams achieve success.

WSSC empowers its members to identify and carry out the most effective sustainability actions for themselves and the campus. Green Team members will also discover ways to translate sustainability actions across the campus community which will help create a culture of sustainability at the University.

Who can participate in the WSSC?

All students are welcome to participate in the WSSC. The coalition is a small community of students working on sustainability actions together, sharing their ideas, questions, and experiences with one another and the rest of the campus.

How often does WSSC meet?

Members of WSSC are required to volunteer or hold at least attend 6 events per semester that are sponsored by the Office of Campus Sustainability.

What does WSSC do?

As a member you will:

  • Lead and/or participate in different sustainability actions and events.
  • Measure personal impact metrics to understand measurable results of campus sustainability efforts.
  • Discuss successes and challenges with team members and the campus community.
  • Make recommendations for a more sustainable campus community.
  • Network, volunteer, and receive opportunities for internships, jobs, and other project-based work toward professional development.
  • Enjoy being a valued member of a team that focuses on green issues and activities!
  • Highlights:

  • Coalition field trips to a local recycling plant, renewable energy facility
  • Volunteer and promote sustainability at football games, sporting events, and other designated activities
  • Attend recycling, energy, transportation, composting and vermiculture workshops
  • Get involved and engage with community sustainability programs
  • Volunteers are needed to work the Sustainability Tent at the Wayne State football game on Saturday, September 15.

    If Interested in WSSC or in volunteering, please send an email to or call (313) 577-5068.

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