2017-2022 Strategic Plan

The 2017-2022 Strategic Plan was created by the President's Standing Committee and provides a framework that guided environmental initiatives on campus. The document represented the vision and mission of the Wayne State Strategic Plan encompassing energy conservation, waste reduction, transportation, and food systems. The six goals below build upon the University's commitment to be an institution known for academic and research excellence. You can view the full 2017-2022 Strategic plan here: Strategic Plan (pdf)  

Goal 1

Establish a campus-wide waste reduction initiative that encompasses reduction and reuse of materials while increasing the diversion rate to 60% of recyclables kept out of traditional waste solutions by 2022. Establish environmentally-friendly purchasing policies, procedures, and end-of-life processes. 

Goal 2

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions from Wayne State University by 25% below 2014 average levels by 2022. Establish a multi-pronged plan for energy innovation, energy conservation measures, alternative energy and reducing the University's carbon footprint. 

Goal 3

Increase programs and opportunities of awareness related to alternative transportation options that encourage the use of energy-efficient vehicles, reduce vehicle usage, emissions, and expand awareness of impacts related to transportation. 

Goal 4

Increase sustainable food practices of campus foodservice operations through local sourcing of whole, fresh, and/or organic foods; achieve reductions in food and food-related energy waste; and increase student opportunities to learn about food, nutrition, and sustainability and their intersection. 

Goal 5

Develop and implement funding tools that directly support sustainability initiatives. 

Goal 6

Build upon Wayne State University's core mission to create knowledge and prepare a diverse student body by using the campus as a learning laboratory for sustainability while integrating environmentally-based learning into a broader cross-section of the academic curriculum.